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Water Softeners Systems


AquaMagna's Magnetic Water Softeners Systems

Supporting commercial and residential water systems across North America, 

Supporting commercial and residential water systems across North America, 
AquaMagna's Magna-Tek water softeners systems are an effective and affordable hard water treatment option.

Hard water softeners systems

Common systems of softening water incorporate the transfer of salt or chemicals for calcium and magnesium minerals that cause unwanted scale build-up.
Why water softeners systems?

What’s so bad about hard water, you ask?  The briny residue left in areas of high water traffic, such as faucets, water tanks, sinks, showers, and pipes, is hard, often odorous and corrosive if left.  Attempting to maintain all problem areas is a costly feat, as well as a frustrating one.

The role of a water softener is to provide you with a simple, realistic and affordable means to reducing the scale-producing minerals in your water.

AquaMagna's water softeners systems are unique

AquaMagna provides a hard water removing option without the use of salt or chemicals.  Through the use of a water magnet, you can watch your brine disappear and expect that it won’t be coming back.

Other Benefits

Our magnetic water softeners have many advantages, including:

    * Environmentally friendly – no salt or chemicals entering the waste water system
    * Reduced scale-build up already existing in pipes and fixtures
    * Portable – clamp-on feature
    * Reduced sodium in water is better for health
    * No maintenance needed for operation
    * No replacement necessary

Hidden within these above advantages are big cost benefits, which are worth outlining. These include:

    * Save on energy costs
    * Save on maintenance and replacement costs
    * Save costs on salt or chemicals Save on equipment and appliance costs
    * Most magnetic water treatment systems pay for themselves within the first year

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