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Water Magnets

A wiser alternative

Water magnets – designed to remove calcium and magnesium minerals from water flow in homes – act as an alternative to salt or chemical water softeners. 

Water Magnets have health, cost and environmental advantages, plus they are known to leave your water feeling fresher and tasting cleaner.

Basic information

Magnetohydrodynamics is the term applied to describe when water flows through a conductive material and generates an electrical charge.  The study of this process has greatly influenced the development of magnetic fluid conditioning, or the water magnet.

Treating water with a magnetic field restores the natural energy of water to what it was pre-treatment and transport.

How do we do it? We use high-strength magnets to create a magnetic field for the hard water coming from your tank to flow through.  When the water flows through the field, scale-making minerals is avoided because the molecules that create it cannot bond.

View our How Hard Water Magnets Work page to read more, or to view a comprehensive image of how it works.

Applications of Water Magnets

If you are more interested in removing the white residue known as scale from your pipes and fixtures, you’ll want to place the magnet closer to the water inlet.

However, if you are looking for fresher tasting water, applying closer to the tap may work better for you.

Currently, the 
AquaMagna water magnets are recognized as most commonly used for residential drinking and cleaning water, as well as for agriculture. For more applications, visit our Hard Water Conditioner page.

For installation advice, visit our Easy Installations page.

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