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Identifying the problem

We understand that before resigning to treat hard water, you want to be sure that it is, in fact, the source of your problems.

Here are some signs that you are struggling with hard water:

    * Low water pressure
    * Clogged taps and fixtures
    * Build-up on appliances and dishes
    * Water that won’t let soap lather
    * Crusty stains on laundry

If you are relating to most of these, you’re most likely dealing with hard water issues. Luckily, you can treat hard water quite easily.

What is hard water?

Water that has high mineral content is called hard water.  Hard water is not dangerous to your health, but leaves chalky white residue in fixtures and pipes that, if not cleaned out, could damage your water system and hinder your water flow.

How do I treat hard water?

Treating hard water is simply solved through the installation of a water softener – whether salt, chemical or magnetic.  Although you have a number of options in regards to a method of softening, many of these involve salt and chemicals.

The water magnet method, on the other hand, is salt and chemical free, leaving your water feeling fresher and tasting cleaner.

The water magnet

The water magnet is a popular way to treat hard water.  In fact, over 10 major industries across North America, from agriculture to local governments to hospitals, are benefiting from the services of 
AquaMagna's magnetic water softeners.

It works like this: as water flows through the magnetic field produced by the magnet, the natural bonding of the molecules that cause hard water is obstructed.  As a result, the scale forming minerals aren’t formed and your water system is safe from the annoyances of hard water build-up.

For more information on how it works, or for a comprehensive image demonstrating the same, visit our How Hard Water Magnets Work page.

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