The Importance of Magnetism

The human body is an electromagnetic organism. All the cells have two magnetic poles, north and south, in their DNA. Electricity flows through the nerves in our bodies the same way electricity flows through an electrical wire. The body’s magnetism comes from two sources: 1) magnetism from the Earth’s magnetic field, and 2) magnetism produced through metabolism within the cells in the body.

The Earth's magnetic field has been found to be decreasing at a significant rate - a total 50% decrease in the last 500 years. These findings suggest that this phenomenon may be the cause of many of people’s most common ailments such as discomfort, stiffness, stress, and fatigue.


Scientific Evidence of the Magnetic Effect

Magnetism is also produced inside the body, yet the magnetism made internally by the body (through oxidation) is not adequate to sustain life. Humans, therefore, have a definite dependency on magnetism from an external source. Since the Earth’s magnetism is rapidly decreasing, it is important to find ways to recharge ourselves - such as by drinking Vibrant Vital Water

Water gives the body power, by generating electrical and magnetic energy inside each cell - making magnetism a key factor in water’s degree of function in the body. When water is exposed to magnetic fields, the molecules reduce in size and also align and assume a hexagonal structure (a more stable water molecule). Also, the surface tension of the water is lowered, helping it to purify the purify the body, increase vitality, and stabilize the structure and composition of the cells. Also, magnetized elements in water attract and absorb toxins from the body's cells so they can be flushed out before they become destructive.
The use of magnetism to revitalize and purify water is not new. Ancient Romans were among the first to utilize the Earth’s magnetic properties with their aqua ducts designed to purify and revitalize water. Some recent innovators have confirmed the health benefits of magnetic therapies and uses, including Johann Grander, Dr. Mu Shik Jhon, and Walter Rawls, Jr. PhD.
Of the many scientists who have studied and tested magnetic water treatments, Dr. Gerhard Pioch, an Austrian researcher, focused on magnetized water and its effects on human health. He reported that residues from poisonous chemicals, heavy metals and harmful substances in the human body are most commonly are of negative polarity and are not eliminated from the body. Dr. Pioch discovered that chemical wastes in the body are washed out by using magnetically-treated water. Contaminants deposited into the body, such as medications, fertilizers, food-borne chemicals, pesticides (including traces of DDT) and heavy metals are neutralized by the magnetized water treatments.
Another scientist, Dr. Albert Roy Davis spent many years finding ways to demonstrate how water is transformed by exposure to magnetic fields. He published his research results in Anatomy of Biomagnetism in 1974, and other researchers later confirmed and completed his findings. They showed that magnetically treated water affects the human body when taken internally and regularly for a considerable period of time.
Also, when water is magnetically treated, more hydroxyl (OH-) ions are created to form alkaline molecules and reduce acidity. Neutral water has a pH level of about 7, whereas magnetized water tends to be more alkaline. His research has shown that the following phenomena can be observed after water has been magnetized:

1.Increase in hydrogen ion activity
2.Decrease in water weight
3.Decrease in quantity of nitrogen dissolved in water
4.Increase in the number of crystallization centers

What Are The Proven Health Benefits of Hexagonal Water?

Please note from my (Wayne Gendel's) research there are 2 other benefits to magnetized water:

1. Lowers the surface tension of the water, increasing hydration
2. Eliminates the memory of toxins, i.e.: like a cassette tape can be wiped clean with magnetics. This can only be done after the water is 99-100% purified. This greatly enhances the water's ability to uptake any remineralization, vortexing, far infrared energy and any other positives added to the water.
"...Aging is a loss of Hexagonal Water from organs, tissues and cells, and an overall decrease in total body water. Replenishing the Hexagonal Water in our bodies can increase vitality, slow the aging process, and prevent disease".
~ Dr. Mu Shik Jhon

Recent scientific studies have proven the many health benefits of magnetic water to be true. Researchers include Dr. Mu Shik Jhon (1932-2004) of Korea. During his career, Dr. Jhon received more than 30 honors and awards, including the Grand Science Award and the Presidential Award of Science (the highest scientific award in Korea). He spoke or presented papers at over 250 scientific gatherings and is recognized for his work on the Theory of Liquids, The Structure of Water, The Properties of Electrolyte Solutions, The Properties of the Hydrogen Bond, Statistical Mechanics, Chemical Rate Theory on Polymers and Quantum Chemistry.
Dr. Jhon's book The Water Puzzle and the Hexagonal Key, summarizes his 40 years of research, which shows that hexagonally-structured water is associated with:

1. Greater energy
2. Rapid hydration
3. Heightened immune function
4. Better nutrient absorption
5. Longevity
6. Weight loss
7. Greater metabolic efficiency
8. Greater overall health

Recommend Readings about Magnetized Water

Other findings show that hexagonally structured water assists with:

1. Enzyme activation
2. The efficient removal of toxins
3. Super cellular hydration and overall body revitalization;
4. Increased oxygenation at the cellular level
5. Electron-rich free-radical neutralization and cleansing

Dr. Jhon’s research has helped us to understand why hexagonal water is energetically more powerful than unorganized water. Water releases a considerable amount of heat as it freezes. This is why many farmers mist their crops to protect them from damage during frost. He explained that hexagonal water had a higher specific heat value than normal water. Consequently, it has a greater capacity to perform work, to absorb temperature changes, to expel wastes and to protect the body from energetic disturbances. It also supports the production of healthy DNA and stores more energy in the body, which enhances metabolic efficiency in the body. He showed that the amount of energy/calories that hexagonal water can store/transfer is measurably greater than unorganized water.

His research also revealed that hexagonally-sized and shaped molecules going into cells were much easier assimilated, bringing in nutrients to the cell and flushing out toxins and keeping the body’s cells hydrated, which is the key to health and vitality. He learned that by freeing the hydrogen component of water, you are allowing the energy in the water to be utilized.

The amount of hexagonal water in the body has been correlated with aging. When babies are born, he explained, they are full of this hexagonal water; and as we age, it depletes fairly rapidly. He also found that hexagonal water forms the initial layer of water surrounding healthy cells, while unorganized water surrounds diseased and abnormal cells.

Dr. Jhon’s research showed that the structure of the water within the human body was significant around proteins and especially around DNA. He found differences in the structure of the water surrounding healthy and diseased DNA, and verified the existence of greater numbers of hexagonal units in association with healthy proteins. According to Dr. Jhon,“…when the structure of the water near cells is compromised, the cells are more vulnerable to external stimuli. Ultimately, cells surrounded by less structured water are weaker and more prone to malfunction and genetic mutation.”

Beyond these important scientific contributions, Dr. Jhon was one of the first to document that drinking hexagonal water could improve the functioning of the human body. He showed that drinking hexagonal water improved food transit time through the colon, reducing constipation and bowel discomfort within weeks.

His research focused on several of the factors that participate in the creation of hexagonal water. He and others identified the importance of magnetic and electric fields, the role of minerals and the impact of temperature, the significance of the vortex/spiral effect, and movement and pressure on the structure of water.

Dr. Mu Shik Jhon will forever be remembered in the scientific community for his numerous contributions. But for those of us who are able to drink hexagonal water on a daily basis, his contribution to our understanding of the structure of water is invaluable.
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MJ Pangman (Author)



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