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The Chakra House Of Healing

The Chakra House of Healing Presents Wayne Gendel with Forever Healthy Water

Wayne Gendel & Ayse Hogan
Aug. 11, 2015, Video (9:39 min.)

August Episode Taping with Wayne Gendel of Forever Healthy Water

Posted by The Chakra House Of Healing on Tuesday, 14 July 2015

12 July, 2015 at 20:19 · Fantastic taping today for the August Episodes of The Chakra House of Healing...thanks to Wayne Gendel & Forever Healthy Water, Mary Strachan, Susanne Currie and Tariq Sattaur with Ayse Hogan from Chakra House Of Healing

Ayse Hogan is much more than a genuine caring certified healer. She’s a dynamic and passionate soul who is bursting to share how complementary and holistic therapies can help people rise above even the most insurmountable challenges! She knows this through her own experiences.

Due to impaired social conditioning as a child (let’s just say dysfunctional shall we) she grew into an adult who was drawn to abusive relationships. After escaping two bad marriages, she felt overwhelmed and alone with little financial means to support herself. She tried conventional counselling, but this kept her in victim mode, reliving her past over and over, and she continued to feel trapped in an unfulfilling life.

Then Ayse discovered alternative methods of healing. With Reiki healing, Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy, she was able to transform her outlook on life and her confidence soared!

Wayne doing water testing with Ayse Hogan
Wayne doing Parts Per Million (PPM) water testing with Ayse Hogan
Chackra House of Healing Presents Wayne Gendel - Forever Healthy Water

Drinking Water Testimonial 

Sandy Welsh:  "Diane Harrington have you met this gentleman? He is so great! He is local. I saw him do a seminar on drinking water so interesting! (thought I'd share!)"

new water system

"The Finest Energized Water Purification Systems Since 1995"

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