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June 27, 2015
Hi Wayne,

We finally got our water filter installed and what an amazing difference in the water!! We cannot believe it!

Anyway we would like to order the Magnetic Descaler too.

K. Lanza


Feb. 25 2015 

I am Jayme here. I visited your websites and trust me it was outstanding. You guys are doing a fabulous job.

I thought i must drop a line of appreciation to you. Keep up the great work.

Your site has inspired me a lot. 

Jayme D


Jan. 21, 2015 

I have had the 2PURE H20 Water System water system for just over a year now and wanted to write and thank you for introducing me to this system.  

I absolutely love the triple purified, filtered water and it is the only water I will drink now. 

I carry around several glass water bottles with me each day. I find that I am drinking so much more water than I did before my water system was installed. Now when I drink unfiltered water I can actually smell and taste the chemicals in it! I have completely given up drinking store bought juices, flavoured drinks and all pop. This has made a big difference in my general health.

Having to change the filters only once per year makes the system a worry free significant component to my caring for my overall health.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone.  I have tried several different filtering systems over the years and the  2PURE H20 water is the best!

Thanks again.
Karen Binch

C. Bello

October 4, 2013

I had been looking for the “best” water filter system for my home for quite some time, but unfortunately most of the systems on the market were lacking in one way or another.

 I was extremely happy to discover the 
"2 Pure H2O"  water purification system that was referred to me by a knowledgeable colleague.

The system was developed by a Homeopathic Doctor and an expert in water purification systems and distributed by Forever Healthy Water. The key features that attracted me were the triple purification filtration stages (reverse osmosis plus two deionizing filters) and the various methods and (6) stages that impart wellness properties to enhance the water. The magnetic stage clears the water before imparting wellness properties to the water, and lowers the surface tension for better hydration.

 I particularly like the nifty testing spigot after the filtration stages that allows me to easily determine when to replace the reverse osmosis or ion exchange filters.

The people at 
"2 Pure H2O"  thought of everything; they even provide an electronic meter to test the total dissolved solids meter that shows the dramatic difference vs. tap water and also assists when to replace the filters.

~  C. Bello, Toronto, Canada

April 25, 2013

I heard you at CE Radio, and wow, too many facts that, it wasn't enough with one listen, and I heard it again and again, and I'm always learning something new.

~ Cesar D Granados Enriquez

Wayne & Carmen - Raw Vegan MeetUp

April 2013

"What a wonderful evening we had at the Raw Vegan MeetUp;
[April 8, 2013]

a delicious, nutritious dinner, compassionate people and a charismatic speaker!  Wayne Gendel is a fine example of health and vitality, and he knows what he's talking about - WATER!! 

He is very knowledgeable and informed us of the importance of healthy water. 

Check out his FB pages and LIKE!! Thank you!!"  & 

Pura vida!!  


Dogwood Canyon

April 10, 2013

“We have been using the
["2 Pure H2O" Water] filter for over a year and are very happy with the product. In particularly, customer and tech support with Wayne has been unparalleled.” 

~ John D., 
J.D. (lawyer) & Lisa M.

Wayne Gendel, Zufan Mafei, Bev Miller, Julie Daniluk

Thursday, March 28, 2013  

Wayne, thanks soooo much for being on the  March 27 Live Healthy Now show with me! You provided our viewers with great information, sharing your expertise and that visual of the dirty filter really hit home!  We learned so much about water purification!!  

Keep up your great work.  Will have to have you back on the show for season 2 and a talk about anti-aging!!

Thanks again, and cheers to great health!

~ Bev Miller, TV Host for Live Healthy Now,
Toronto, Canada  
Beverley Edwards-Miller, BASc, Registered Dietician
Web site:
Television - Live Healthy Now with Bev Miller: 

Tuesday, 5 March 2013  

To Forever Healthy Water & Wayne Gendel:

My wife and I had our "2 Pure H2O" water system installed more than 5 years ago, just before having our 2 daughters. With the insight gained through Wayne Gendel and our own research we came to the understanding of how important it is to remove heavy metals, environmental and pharmaceutical contaminates from city water supplies. Since installing our system, we have had the water tested and are reassured that our cooking and drinking water is the most pure H2O that can be attained through filtration. Peace of mind, body and spirit is everything to us. I recommended the system to 3 other family members who are also very happy with their "2 Pure H2O" water systems.

Thank you Wayne!

~ Bruno Ricci, Toronto, Ontario Canada

Sharmini Gana
August 15, 2012

WE LOVE OUR "2 Pure H2O" water system, It’s AWESOME and we are SO grateful to have found out about it!

~ Sharmini Gana, Toronto, Canada,
Helping Hands


Permacharts Inc.

September 28, 2011

Hi Wayne,

I didn't want another minute to go by without acknowledging what an outstanding job you did delivering your speech on Sunday September 25, 2011. 

Your reputation preceded you so we had high expectations and you exceeded them in every regard. 

I was delighted to see that there were so many people that recognized you and already knew you and I hope that you made some successful contacts for your business. The audience was very engaged and were scribbling notes to capture all of the valuable information and statistics that you provided.

Thanks again for everything! 


Karen Sencich
Helping Hands Program Coordinator
Permacharts Inc. 

Seljalandsfoss Falls, Iceland

April 8, 2011

Hi Wayne,

Thought I'd let you now that I am really enjoying the water system. The water is fantastic. Unparalleled to anything I've tasted before!

~ Matthew Peter Christodoulou, Toronto, Canada

Iguazu Falls, Argentina

April 21, 2011

Hi Wayne ... I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with the Living Water System.  Firstly, I must tell you that my kettle has been clear of calcification's and mineral spots since I started using this filtration system ... I used to clean my new kettle with vinegar very often, and after one use, I would see these mineral marks inside on the bottom ... Since I got the water system about 2 months ago, I keep looking for these marks and NONE as yet have appeared!!!
Having beaten cancer 2 1/2 years ago and now buying all organic foods, I am that more confident in washing these things in purified water.

My husband and I drink lots and lots more water feeling the security in knowing how clean this water is!!
Thanks Wayne ... fabulous system!!!
~ Kerry, Toronto, Canada

More Water Products Testimonials

Sunset over Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier National Park, Montana

July 22, 2015

Hi Wayne,

" We are soooo happy with our Whole House Water Filter [Crystal Quest® Eagle 2000]  and the Magnetic Descaler. Yes, we do notice less scale build up since installing the magnets. 

Thanks again for being so helpful and available to answer all my questions thru our decision making process. I am so glad we decided to purchase the products your company [Forever Healthy Water] offers!"

~ Karen L.

Dianne and Wayne's Comments

Dianne Knight

Dianne Knight

Wayne Gendel

Wayne Gendel

We hope you increase your wellness tremendously with all the advantages of the

"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System.

Wayne has been selling this water system since 1995 because it provides all the benefits of all the water filtration systems he has discovered.

Dianne began by representing a then state of the art drinking water filtration system in 1987 and upon learning the quality of the drinking water system and other water products Wayne had, suggested that Wayne create

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