AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

Salt Free Water Softeners

One more healthy choice...but this one is easy to make

Are you tired of constantly worrying and seeking out ways to ensure your family is healthy?

Did you ever consider that simply turning to salt free water softeners, like the Aqua Magna water magnet, could actually contribute to the health of your family? It’s an easy step toward increased health. Why not take it?

How is choosing salt free water softeners a healthier choice?

Reducing your sodium intake, through avoiding salt, helps you in reducing or avoiding high blood pressure (The American Heart Association).  Water is the number one life-giving source on this planet and drinking it should not give us unhealthy side-effects.

The Heart and Stroke Foundation states that “one in every seven deaths from stroke and one in every 11 deaths from heart disease could be spared if Canadians cut salt intake by half” (  As a result, Health Canada, in an attempt to lower Canadians’ salt intake, has called on the food industry to reduce the amount of sodium in processed foods (

You don’t have much control over the corporate food industry and your salt intake in processed foods.  However, with the option to purchase a salt free water softener, you do have control over your salt intake through your water.

Other Benefits of 
AquaMagna's Salt Free Water Softeners

More advantages of using a water magnet include:

   1. Easier Installation
   2. Little maintenance required
   3. Lower operating costs
   4. Water feels fresher and tastes cleaner
   5. Less chemical intake ingested tap water as well as sodium
   6. Environmentally safer
   7. High quality effect of scale-reduction and removal stays the same

Request more information on the salt free water softener from us now.

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