AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

Salt Free Water Conditioners 

Is your conscience getting the way of more enjoyable water?

For those of you stuck between the desire for better water quality and the fear of harming the environment, or yourself, by using a salt conditioner, salt free water conditioners are a viable solution for you.

Salt Free Water Conditioners

Using magnetism to interrupt the bonding of the minerals that create lime scale (calcium and magnesium), you can experience the same benefits that a softener provides, without actually adding or removing anything from the water.  This way, you aren't ingesting any unnecessary sodium or harming the environment through contributing to the high levels of sodium in the waste water system.

The results? Maintain a fresh water feel while watching scale slowly diminish

Keep minerals from depositing on pipes, faucets, appliances and laundry while maintaining a natural spring water feel. 

Owners of salt free water conditioners enjoy the fresh feel, taste and smell of their water while watching scale slowly disappear from problem spots over time. Water magnets have the ability, not only to reduce future scale build-up, but to remove the pre-existing and corrosive build-up. 

Contact us now to purchase an AquaMagna water magnet and say goodbye to your chances of pipe corrosion!

Your plant life will say “thank you”!

Watch your plants grow as they, too, benefit from the molecular structure of magnetized, salt-free water and the natural calcium still within it.  Lawns are even known to get greener. 

Healthy and cost-effective

Personal and environmental health isn't the only benefit of salt free water conditioners.  They provide a no-maintenance, cost-effective solution as well.  With the removal of maintenance and energy costs, and the decrease in your need to replace various items throughout the house, including salt bags, fixtures, pipes, appliances, clothing and household cleaners, you’ll find that our product will pay for itself within the first year. 

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