AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative

Salt Free Water Conditioner 

AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler

The “water magnet”, as it is also known as, alters the fluid flowing by and effectively disrupts the bonding of the molecules that cause scale build-up.  Benefits of reduced scale include:

    * Increased water pressure
    * Cleaner fixtures and appliances
    * Cleaning laundry

The environmental and health advantages

We don’t put anything bad in and we don’t take anything good out.

We’re committed to the safety of our customers and our planet and our commitment is visible in the product we supply.  A salt free water conditioner requires no energy or fuel to function and requires no chemical or salt to replace the calcium and magnesium particles harmful to your water. As a result, water magnets do their job without harming you or your environment.

For cost advantages, visit our Industrial Magnetic Water page.

Is a salt free water conditioner for you?

Salt free water conditioners are most likely for you if you’re mainly concerned with:

    * removing scale build-up and displeasing stains on your fixtures, appliances and laundry and
    * avoiding hard water without increasing the amount of sodium in your water
    * increasing the fresh feel and clean taste of your water
    * ensure that you’re not harming the environment through unnecessary salt discharge
    * finding a more affordable means to high quality water conditioning
    * implementing a maintenance-free solution to hard water
    * Easy installation

Who uses salt free water conditioners?

The following North American industries benefit from 
AquaMagna's service:

    * Automotive
    * Aerospace
    * Packaging
    * Refineries
    * Food
    * Hospitals
    * Educational institutions
    * Local governments
    * Agriculture
    * Residential drinking water.

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