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AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler

Water Magnet to Remove Hard Water, Calcium, Lime ... 

The problems caused by hard water and calcium deposits and lime scale build-up are almost too numerous to mention. If you have well water, this list gets even longer.

Common issues include:

  •  Clogged water pipes.
  •  White, crusty calcium deposits on faucets and shower heads.
  •  White, crusty lime scale deposits inside tea kettles and coffee pots.
  •  Hard to remove film on shower tiles and doors.
  •  Stubborn white spots on dishes, glasses and silverware.

AquaMagna clamp on magnets

Benefits of Hard Water Magnets

Unlike soft water, hard water prevents soap, detergents and shampoos from lathering properly.

With Magnetic Water Treatment, you can finally experience:

  • Increased water pressure. Scale in your pipes and hot water tank are reduced over time.
  • Cleaner fixtures and shower heads, shower doors and bathroom tiles. Calcium scale wipes away with less effort.
  • Cleaner appliances and kitchenware. Calcium scale remains suspended in the water, with less accumulation.
  • Cleaner laundry and hair. Soap and shampoo will work more effectively.

The complete No Salt Water Softener system includes two sets of magnets: one for the hot water line and one for the cold. Easy-to-follow instructions show you exactly where to place them on your water pipes.

AquaMagna residential water magnets are sized to fit on water pipes ½” to 1 ½” in diameter.

Contact us for more information on water magnet technology.  

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