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Future Water Today
Environmental Technology
"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System
~ Overview
The Under-the-Counter Water Purifier


USA: $1,995 USD Regular* each

* Other Terms and Conditions may apply. Please inquire. Thank you!

Omica Shower Filter

 Canada: $137.95 CAD 
Regular:each + Shipping
+ Customs Duty
Bonus for 2: $133.00 CAD each
+ Shipping + Customs Duty 

 USA: $100 USD Regular each
+ Shipping
Bonus for 2: $95 USD each
+ Shipping

Note: Customer is responsible for Customs Duty.

Rainshow'r CQ-1000
Removes chlorine from your shower

 Canada: $79.95 CAD Regular each

USA:  not available

Crystal Ball for the Bath
Removes chlorine from your bath water

Canada: $59.95 CAD Regular each

USA:  not available

Gard'n Gro Garden Dechlorinator

Canada: $115.00 CAD Regular each

USA: $56.00 USD Regular each


$275 USD plus $25 USD shipping each set of 2

AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler

Canada: $275 CAD Regular, 
shipping included, each set of 2

USA: $275 USD Regular,
plus $25 USD shipping, each set of 2

Magnetic Water Conditioner for Pools
and Hot Tubs
Magnetic Water Conditioner For Pools And Hot Tubs
Crystal Quest® Whole House Systems

Whole House Water Filtration Systems

1. Entry Level System: Triple Big Blues WH-01109

$675 CAD Regular each or
$595 USD 
Regular each

2. Mid Level System: Eagle 2000

$1,695 USD Regular each

3. Top Level System: Eagle 4000

$3,995 USD Regular each

"The Finest Energized Water Purification Systems Since 1995"

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