Omica Shower Filter ~ Customer Reviews

Positive Life-Affecting Product For Me!Review by Kimberly S.

"Being extremely sensitive to chemicals, contaminants and residuals in water, prior to a decision to purchase, I had questions about whether this would help me. The representative was able to answer some of my questions and when she didn't know the answer to one, she connected me to the designer of the product. In addition to thoroughly answering my question, he spent time sharing other information that was very helpful to me. I originally had another brand of filter which, although it was probably better than nothing, exposure to the water made me feel very poorly and worse than before, to say the least.

Upon stepping into my first experience with this filter, I could tell an immediate difference! Not only is it easier to breathe, I now feel refreshed and rejuvenated like a person should during and after a shower. I can attest to the fact that it made an immediate and noticeable difference and eliminated my sensitivity to the water. I feel it certainly contributes to my well being. To me, the water now feels the way water used to feel decades ago - the way it should feel. Just cannot speak highly enough about this product, this company and it's employees!"

EasyReview by Sandy V. (Amazon Verified Feedback - posted 6/27/14)
The filter is great and was easy to install.

BestReview by Tawnya B. (Amazon Verified Feedback - posted 8/2/14)
Great company and these are the best filters hands down.

They work!Review by Virgil T. (Amazon Verified Feedback - posted 8/4/15)
This is the second time I bought these filters and I love them! They work! I did a lot of research before deciding on which filter to purchase and this is the one. It is not cheap because it is excellent. Example: Before I installed it I could smell chlorine in my shower -- now I do not smell it! That's Awesome. I know this filter works and my family has less chemicals going into their bodies.

5 StarsReview by Jesse N. (Amazon Verified Feedback - posted 5/4/16)
Skin and hair feel stronger, smoother, and more healthy.
Tremendous Filter!Review by Roger Z (Amazon Verified Feedback - posted 5/6/16)
Skin rashes cleared right up! Thank you!
My Hair and skin feel softest ever!Review by Dr. D (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 4/27/13)
I realized my hair feels the silkiest and softest it ever has in my life that I can remember and the only difference that could have done it is this Omica Organics Shower Filter! Thanks Omica Organics! 
Best Shower Filter YetReview by JG (Amazon Review - posted 2/8/13)
I live in a pre-war building in New York City and before using the Omica Shower filter I could smell the rust in the water from the old pipes running through my building and needless to say, my hair and skin was chronically dry and scaly. After nearly 5 months of using the filter, I'm happy to say that my skin feels more hydrated, my hair is shinier and softer and the shower water has absolutely no smell. Having said that, I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality shower filter, it's worth every penny! 
the best, hands downReview by Matthew M. White (posted 4/21/16)
Wouldn't use any other filter. the best, hands down.
Must buy!Review by Mona Noorian (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 2/5/16)
Amazing high quality water filter! Must buy for good health
Awesome FilterReview by Ryan Taft (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 3/4/13)
My wife has been asking for this for over a year and I finally got it not thinking it would make that much of a difference. Holy cow was I wrong! I highly recommend this shower filter as it gets out more toxins and chemicals than your average filter. We will be using this in every bathroom! 
Love it!Review by M.M. (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/15/13)
This filter is great. I felt the difference with the first use. My skin and hair have never been softer.
One of the Best shower filtersReview by aosterli (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 12/8/12)
I live in the city and I was getting rust and copper build-up in my hair. I tried other filters to treat the problem. I had to even just use bottled water to wash my hair for a few weeks, but that's no way to live. And finally I found the Omica shower filter. It prevented this from happening again. A shower is not the same unless you have this Omica shower filter. It's worth every penny! 
Free from chlorine!Review by Katie McNamara (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 6/3/15)
Hair, body, skin, and energy already feel better! Excellent product.

Hair and skin feel better after the shower!Review by David Benjamin (Amazon Verified Purchase - 8/21/13)
Showering in pure water that is free of chemicals, toxins etc is important to me. My hair and skin feel better after using this filter! The water smells different too... worth getting!
Shower FilterReview by Andrew C. (Amazon Review - posted 1/7/14)
Hello Everyone, I've been using this brand of shower filter for three years now, and I've always had great results. I have never had an issue with black water coming out of the filter. Out of all the brands on the market, I would say Omica is right at the top. No other brand on the market uses Zeolite and shungite. The materials are unique and very expensive to use.
Bit pricey but so far worth it.Review by Wolf4020 (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 10/11/14)
Had to change the shower head to one similar to the photo. Won't work on the large head "rain" type head, too heavy. But it's helped with the aches and pains my wife would get from the toxic city water!
Five stars for sure!Review by R. Brad McDaniel (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 9/11/15)
We have LOVED this shower filter. This particular brand came highly recommended to me by a professional health coach after he had done much research on brands. Chlorinated steam from the shower is very dangerous to your lungs. I love that it filters the chlorine out of our hot shower water. It is easy to install, it doesn't change your water pressure at all. The only drawback is not knowing when to exchange it out for a new one. But we love it and we will be replacing it with omica only.
Love this filter!Review by The Truth (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 3/11/16)
Love this filter!
Seems to work pretty goodReview by Art8 (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/4/14)
Seems like a good filter, the water pressure is just about the same with the filter vs without it. I like the fact it has zeolite in it.
Five StarsReview by Robyn K. (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/3/16)
This was recommended by my natural doctor and it is healthier than my Brita water.
Easy to installReview by Shelley Ferrari (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/2/14)
Easy to install, took about 10 minutes. Put one in my daughters shower as well as my own. Our hair is softer and her skin has cleared up a lot.
Baby soft skin!!!!!!!!!Review by Miss Russia (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 3/23/16)
Phenomenal filter. I've been using it for 3 weeks. My skin feels amazing. The water quality is drastically noticeable. Highly recommend it to everyone. It's worth the price!
Best I have ever usedReview by Freddie Horn (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/14/13)
One can immediately feel the difference in the improved water quality. I have never experienced a shower filter this effective for removing chlorine.
2nd time purchasing and will continueReview by Amazon Customer (Amazon Review - posted 4/8/15)
These are an excellent buy. Also my 2nd time purchasing. I have city water and can really smell the chlorine til I purchased this filter. I really like that they energize my water with quartz crystals as well. I am careful what I put into and on my body; run my water through the filter when I take my baths as well. It feels good to know I am not soaking up harmful chemicals into the largest organ on one's body ;-)
Great product!Review by John Hall (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 1/7/14)
It does as ad says, the water is an improvement on the best aquafer water around (Memphis, Tenn.), removing the chlorine, etc., that is unfortunately added between the wells and the tap. My only reservation is that the unit will need to be replaced entirely when the filter is spent. I would love to be able to replace the filter instead of purchasing a whole new unit. 
Couldn't Be HappierReview by Amazon Customer (Amazon Verified Purchase - posted 5/28/16)
I'm on my 2nd 2-pack and couldn't be happier with the quality. I'm very sensitive to Chlorine and it definitely takes it out. I even use the shower filter to run water into the tub to take a bath so I don't have to deal with the Chlorine anymore. Comes with instructions. I'm a girl and I can do it ;-)  

Best water filter ever! Review by Cgal

"There is something about Downtown LA water that just does not feel right, it has a very strong odor, I've never had skin problems before moving to an old building in the city. Having the Omica filter installed in my apartment is responsible for the amazing and immediate benefits ... my hair is softer and my skin just feels better. My boyfriends itchy dry scalp improved as a result as well. The most obvious transformation of having the filter installed is the foul smell of Downtown LA water ... completely gone! I've experienced other filters but this one just feels the best and it's effects are instant. Thank you for producing and creating product with such integrity and potent powers. "

(Posted on January 17, 2013)

Waters of Healing & Transformation Review by Craig Arthur

"This shower filter is LEGIT!!! I am really into water. I lived in rural New Zealand for 3 years and drank and bathed in spring water that erupted straight out of the mountain above my residence. That miraculous water changed the course of my life. Upon moving back to the cities in the USA, I found the water to be disgusting in taste, and had negative effects on my body and mind. Tap water is dead and poisonous (do your research), but this filter literally TRANSFORMS the H2O back to life. It is actually shimmering when it comes out of the filter, energized by various magical substances, packaged together perfectly in this filter. If you are not aware of what Shungite is, I highly recommend a little research. It has healing powers Y'all. You will be AMAZED!!! And, they sent me some FREE samples of their other products, which happen to be packaged in sweet colored glass. If you want to revitalize your showering experience and feel energized yet relaxed and clean, this is the shower filter for you. Thanks for listening. Blessings and be well."

(Posted on January 16, 2013)

Truly a lifesaver Review by Chelsea

"Before I started using this shower filter, I would always have an itchy scalp. The constant itching became a tedious habit and it was becoming a problem in front of people. Now with this filter, the water I shower with has less cruel chemicals in it, leaving my scalp itch free. My scalp is very thankful Omica!"

(Posted on December 27, 2012)

Fantastic! Review by Nicky

"I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking to change the quality and health benefits of your shower! Our water is notoriously egg-smelling and leaves deposits everywhere. I bought this after thinking that if the deposits are on the bathroom tile, then they are on my skin also!"

(Posted on December 15, 2012)

Shower filter helped clear my skin! Review by arleyn
"There's no other shower filter in the market right now that provides the same benefits and quality of this Omica shower filter. This shower filter has helped to clear my skin of acne and my hair feels softer and more manageable. I highly recommend it!"
(Posted on September 12, 2012)

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