AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

No Salt Water Softeners


You might be wondering why no salt water softeners are worth considering. Here's something to think about.

Consider the impact of taking the bags of salt needed for salt water softeners and dumping them straight into the river, instead of the device, every time.  This is a big picture image of the environmental impact of salt water softeners.  If you wouldn’t pour a 20 pound bag of salt into your local water supply, maybe a magnetic water treatment system is a more suitable option for you.

Further advantages

Besides preventing damaging salt discharge from entering my local water supply, what are the benefits of a no salt water softener?

Save energy!

As limescale is removed from your hot water tank, less energy will be used to heat your water, as limescale reduces heat transfer. Along with saving energy, you’ll be saving money.

Improve health

No salt water softeners mean no extra sodium intake in your diet.  In today’s day and age, where processed foods have an excess of salt in them, this is an important benefit.  Diets with high sodium increase high blood pressure and the chance of heart disease (The Heart and Stroke Foundation).

Remove existing scale

Not only do magnetic water descalers prevent further scale build-up, but they also have the unique ability to remove pre-existing limescale from pipes, fixtures and water heaters.  This means increased savings on energy and expenses.

No maintenance required

AquaMagna's water magnet requires no maintenance or replacements – ever! This means that when you purchase a magnetic water softener, your hard water troubles will be gone for life!


AquaMagna's Magna-Tek magnets are portable, with a clamp-on feature, meaning you can transfer your magnet to a new location if necessary.

For more information on the benefits or pricing of our magnetic, no salt water softeners, contact us.

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