Water Maintenance and Service

a. "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System
b. Rainshow'r Filters &
c. Bath Ball
Water Maintenance and Service

1. NEW

We greatly appreciate your purchase and have a few simple tips for maintaining peek performance of your
"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System , Rainshow’r Filters and bath ball products.

"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System

To condition your newly installed water system, please let your system fill completely. On average, this takes about 4 hours, depending on your water pressure. After 4 hours, please open the purified water tap and let your system drain until the tank is empty. After no more water is coming from the system tap, after approximately 5 - 10 minutes, close the tap, setting it back to off. This will allow the system to fill again in 4 hours. Now, do it all over again for a second 4 hour refilling time and totally draining it. Now, as it fills for the third time, your new filters are conditioned and you can drink purified, energized, fresh water!
•    Please use your TDS meter that came with your new system to measure the water’s parts per million reading of your now new purified water.

TO USE: Take off the cap of the meter and fill a glass with purified water. Turn on the meter power button. Insert the end of the meter where you removed the cap into the glass. Take 2 more readings for a total of 3 readings.

Please note the average of those 3 readings, and date of the reading for your records.
•    For advanced users, you can take a reading where the water valve is under the counter. That valve is after the water has been cleaned and purified and before it goes through the Vita Tech which adds approximately 10 ppm of minerals to balance the pH. This reading should be less than 5 ppm.  When you take the reading from the "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System's tap, the reading should be less than 20 ppm.

You will know when to change the water filters when the ppm number increases to more than double the reading it was when the filters were new, or a maximum of 18 months, whichever occurs first. On average, filters last 12 months, depending on usage and your source water.

The main filter, your R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) membrane lasts 4 - 8 years on average, depending on usage and your source water.
NOTE:  Occasionally there can be air bubbles in the water with a cloudy appearance when your system is new or any filters have been changed. This is normal and usually slowly disappears after 7 - 14 days. Draining the tank before bed each night for the first week, (so the system can refill the tank by morning), can eliminate the bubbles sooner.
b. Rainshow’r Filters: Once installed, please turn on the water and let run for one minute. You might notice a black colour in the water as this is the some of the carbon being released from the filter. The Shower filter is now ready for use.

c. Bath Ball: Just run water over the bath ball for one minute or place in water for one minute.  The Bath Ball filter is now ready for use.

a. "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System
: We recommend draining your "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System every 4 weeks. Open the tap and allow all the water to drain out. This should take about 5 - 10 minutes. Close the tap and the system will automatically refill within a few hours or less. This ensures that all the water in the tank is fresh.

b. & c. Rainshow’r Shower Filter and Bath Ball: No maintenance required; just replacement of the cartridges.
3.  1 - 2 - 3 YEAR MAINTENANCE

a. "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System Filter Changes, Bacterial Sanitizing & Tank Re-pressurization: The "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System requires replacement of the 1 sediment (pre), and 1 carbon (post) & 2 TCR filters & sanitization of the system.

We recommend sanitizing the water system by a qualified water installer every 1 - 3 years when the filters are changed.

The reverse osmosis membranes last on average for 4 - 8 years.

Please turn off the water to your
"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System under counter units when not in use for one month or more.

If your water system has been inactive for more than 4 months, it is recommended to replace all the filters.

To preserve the filters for long term inactivity, you can remove the filters, and store in a zip lock plastic bag in the refrigerator.

•    We automatically remind you annually by phone to schedule a time for water replacement filter changes. Feel free to call us before, if you feel your system has had more than normal use.

b. Rainshow’r Filters: Replace the cartridge (not the entire unit) every 9 - 12 months.

c. Bath Ball: Replace the bag cartridge every 300 baths or 12 months maximum.
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