Magnetic Water Treatment

How Does It Work?

Magna-Tek Systems
How does it work?

When a conductive fluid passes through a magnetic field, an electromotive force is induced through the fluid perpendicular to the direction of fluid flow and the flux field. This electrical discharge through the fluid induces a positive polarity in the fluid. The magnetic flux field further causes polar water molecules to be aligned along the flux or magnetomotive force vector, thus affecting the kinetics of crystallization of the minerals in the water. Random covalent bonding of the nucleation points of these scale forming molecular clusters is reduced and, therefore, these minerals stay in suspension. They are prevented from growing so large so as to precipitate out of solution and form “hard” scale on the walls of pipes and equipment. Instead, they form crystals of very low physical strength; a light powdery film forms rather than the hard scale from a tight lattice structure. The kinetic energy to make it all happen comes from the motion of the water through the magnetic field. As the water flows past the powerful magnetic assembly, the molecules are aligned to a uniform directional field. Water regains it’s solvency and will not allow the minerals to form crystals of scale. Further, the water will actually re-dissolve existing scale back into solution.

Magnetic Water Conditioner for Pools
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