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Magnetic Water Softening


Are you unclear on the process of magnetic water softening? Here are some answers to your questions.

What is magnetic water softening?

Magnetic water softening is a means to reducing hard water and the resulting lime scale build-up that occurs in pipes, on fixtures and on appliances and dishes.  It involves exposing water flowing through a water system to a magnetic field and altering the molecules so that they are not able to form scale-building minerals.

Does magnetic water softening actually remove any of the minerals from the water?

No, the minerals in the water that create scale are not actually being removed from your water, as would be the case for salt water conditioning.

How does it reduce scale then?

Instead of being removed altogether and replaced by another mineral such as salt, for instance, the minerals are being temporarily altered.  By charging the hard water ions as they pass through the magnetic field of the magnetic water conditioner, they become unable to bond. In effect, scale-forming minerals such as calcium and magnesium cannot form.

Other successful water softening methods are out there, so why should I choose magnetic water softening?

    * Magnetic water softening is a salt-free and chemical-free process, and thus a healthier choice. View our Salt Free Water Conditioner page for details on these specific benefits.
    * Easier to install and use
          o Portable, clamp-on feature
          o View our Installations page for more info.
    * Cost-effectiveness
          o Most systems pay for themselves by the end of the very first year
          o Requires no maintenance and as a result lessens system downtime
          o No energy required - save on hot water and heating bills
    * Magnetic water softening is uniquely an environmentally friendly means to water softening as it discharges nothing into the waste water system.

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