Magnetic Water Descaler Chart

AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

Water Conditioner
Descaler System

         Conventional Salt-Based
               Water Softeners

  • Compact Unit You Can Install Yourself
  • Often Half the Purchase Price of Softeners
  • Minimal Installation Costs
  • Magnets attach to water pipes, takes up virtually no space
  • Household plumbing needs modification
  • Expensive purchase price $500-$1,000+
  • Installation averages $250
  • Takes up space, equal to water heater
  • Maintenance Free Operation
  • SAVES $$$!
  • Requires constant maintenance
  • No Salt – No Manual Filling or Buying Salts!
  • No Electricity! Saves More Money
  • No Plumbing – One Time Installation!
  • No Back Flushing
  • SAVES $$$!
  • Requires over 800 pounds of salt each year
  • Consumes electricity
  • Needs plumbing modifications
  • Will waste resources through back flushing
  • Controls and Minimizes Hard Water, Lime Scale
  • Won't remove existing lime and scale build-up
  • Will Not Corrode Water Heaters, Pipes and Fixtures
  • Can corrode water heaters, pipes and fixtures
  • Eco Friendly!  Does Not Harm The Environment or Our Fresh Water Supply
  • Pollutes waterways, hinders septic systems and waste water treatment programs.
  • Feel Cleaner and Fresher After Bathing
  • Feels slippery and unnatural
  • Can irritate sensitive skin
  • Makes Water Molecule Smaller and This Means Excellent Solvent / Cleaning / Dissolving Properties
  • Water molecule is large and cannot penetrate as deeply; has poor solvent properties
  • Safe For Heart Patients and Those With Hypertension
  • Check with your doctor or wellness consultant; not always recommended safe to drink for heart patients and those with hypertension
  • No Noise; silent operation
  • Can make some noise
  • Can be used for a large property; most  other salt-free softeners are not effective for water hardness levels above 25 grains per gallon
  • Single unit not suitable for a large property
  • Magnetically conditioned point-of-use drinking water is not fit for storing to retain its magnetic properties because the magnetism usually dissipates over 48 hours. Not an issue for general household use since the water is magnetized on demand
  • No magnetic water benefits


  • Extend the life of your household appliances, your clothes, and increase the lathering and effectiveness of soaps
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