AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

Limescale Inhibitor


Are you looking for a maintenance-free limescale inhibitor for your business or home?  Want to save on the cost of replacing equipment while still maintaining a healthy, scale-free water system?

Your best limescale inhibitor

AquaMagna's magnetic limescale inhibitor acts as a salt and chemical free alternative to water conditioning through magnetizing the ions responsible for creating scale.

Without adding or retracting anything from your water supply, you can reduce pipe corrosion, clogged drains, hard crusty film on your shower tiles, counter-tops, fixtures and appliances, and white spots on your clothing and dishes.

Why choose AquaMagna's magnetic limescale inhibitor?

    * One purchase – and one easy installation – and is all you will need in order to receive a lifetime of fresher, scale-free water.

    * Environmentally friendly – less energy needed to heat water, no added salt in water running into waste water system.

    * Lowered energy bills.

    * Scale is not only reduced from time of installation, but pre-existing scale is slowly removed as well.

    * Easy clamp-on features requires no plumbing.

    * No extra sodium ingested through your water intake.

    * Likely to pay for itself in the first year after purchase.

    * Lifespan of water-related equipment prolonged.

    * No maintenance necessary.

    * Visit our Industrial Magnet Water Softener page to see more details on the magnetic water inhibitors cost benefits.

AquaMagna's salt free water conditioner is available for both commercial and residential use.  A variety of industries across North America, agriculture being a common one, are currently benefiting from salt free, and scale-free, water.

Install our Magna-Tek limescale inhibitor today.   

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