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Limescale Descaler


In need of a limescale descaler?

How is your water pressure? Is it slow?  What about your faucets fixtures? Are they clogging?  Are kettles filled with white chalky scale? Are glasses spotty and laundry crusty?  If you’re answering yes, you are in need of a limescale descaler.

You have many options, however 
AquaMagna can offer you a maintenance-free, salt-free and cost-effective hard water solution.

Other indications telling you that you may be struggling with hard water include:

    * Low lather when using soaps
    * Staining on clothes
    * Odorous water

Limescale - The how and what

Limescale descalers are necessary to remove the scale from your residential or commercial water system.

Scale is the hard, white and chalky substance created on surfaces that are in contact with hard water.  This deposit is produced when dissolved minerals – mainly calcium and magnesium – enter your water system.

The water magnet solution

Here are the benefits of
AquaMagna's magnetic limescale descaler.

    * One easy installation is all that’s necessary to get you set up with a lifetime of fresh, limescale-free water.

    * Environmentally responsible – less energy is necessary for water to be heated, there’s no added salt in water running into waste water system as well.

    * Lowered energy bills.

    * Pre-existing scale is slowly removed as future scale is prevented.

    * Easy clamp-on features requires no plumbing.

    * No extra salt is ingested – it’s salt and chemical free.

    * The water magnet’s likely to pay for itself within 1 year of purchase.

    * Lifetime of water-related equipment and appliances (pipes, faucets, kettles, shower tiles) are prolonged.

    * No maintenance necessary.

    * Visit our Industrial Magnet Water Softener page to see more details on the magnetic water inhibitors cost benefits.

Get that scale problem solved – for good.

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