AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

Industrial Water Conditioner

Water conditioners increase productivity and lower operational costs. Eliminate corrosion and scale build up in your industrial applications.

Treat hard water, reduce scale build up and eliminate corrosion with a chemical-free AquaMagna water conditioner. You won’t find a more efficient and inexpensive water magnet that also acts as a water descaler. Contact us for more information.

We have always offered innovative and affordable industrial and residential products to our customers in North America. Technologically advanced magnetic water treatment helps deliver AquaMagna's commitment to providing ground breaking solutions.

With no parts to replace or power source needed for operation, this revolutionary clamp-on water magnet manufactured by Magna-Tek, treats hard water to reduce surface tension, de-scale water lines and increase water flow and pressure.

Which North American industries does the AquaMagna water conditioner serve?

• Automotive
• Aerospace
• Packaging
• Refineries
• Food
• Hospitals
• Educational institutions
• Local governments
• Agriculture
• Residential drinking water

What are the benefits of magnetic water treatment?

• Easy to install and use: Our water magnet is portable and its clamp-on feature eliminates the need for expensive plumbing adjustments or cutting of pipes. In addition it requires no electricity or fuel for operation.

• Reduces or eliminates scale build up and corrosion: Acting like a water descaler it removes accumulations like scale build up or corrosion. Water lines, pipes and spray equipment no longer clog up and cooling towers and heat exchangers work at optimum levels when free from lime-scale. Magnetic water treatment from AquaMagna is natural and safe because it avoids using chemicals.

• Increases systems efficiency: By reducing or eliminating build up, clogging and corrosion, the AquaMagna water magnet helps increase the efficiency of all your systems. Water pipes and spray equipment have increased flow and pressure, and heating and cooling systems allow more energy efficient usage and smaller utility bills.

• Lowers operating costs: The AquaMagna Magnetic Water Softener system lowers your operating costs. It saves you the expense of maintenance or repair because it had no moving parts that will wear out. In addition the protection it offers your plant equipment extends its working life and capacity. Since your industrial machines and tools are capable of working more efficiently, there is less downtime and increased productivity. More significantly, our water magnets end up paying for themselves in the very first year of use.

Contact us to learn more about our cost-saving and highly effective water magnets from AquaMagna.

We guarantee a truck load of savings on industrial boilers, cooling towers and related water processing equipment.

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