Industrial Wastes and Run-Offs ~ Why Not?

PCBs (Polychlorinated biphenyls), mercury, arsenic and other industrial wastes have found their way into our water supply. 25 different US states have reported unacceptable arsenic levels in their waters to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Build up of PCBs and mercury and other wastes can be extremely toxic.
Industrial Wastes ~ Why Not?

Erin Brockovich denounces latest chemical law reform bill

Erin Brockovich denounces latest chemical law reform bill

By Lydia Wheeler 03/11/15
01:20 PM EDT 

Consumer advocate Erin Brockovich is calling legislation introduced Tuesday to reform the nation’s toxic chemical laws an industry bill.  

“This bill does not make chemicals safer,” she said. “I wouldn’t even consider it in my opinion a [Toxic Chemicals Control Act, or TSCA] bill. It’s an industry bill.”

Elmira water cleanup faltering, township fears

May 03, 2012 
By Jeff Outhit
Record staff

Losing faith:  Woolwich township's Mayor Todd Cowan stands in front of the Chemtura factory in Elmira. Woolwich council is losing faith in the current water cleanup and plans to lobby the province for a better cleanup plan.

Industrial Wastes in Relation to Water Supplies

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