AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

Industrial Magnetic Water Softener


The Magnetic Water Softener provides a permanent hard water solution

If you have been searching for a quick and easy way to treat hard water and eliminate corrosion in your factory or business, magnetic water softener by AquaMagna is an affordable and permanent solution.

AquaMagna supplies water conditioners manufactured by Magna-Tek across North America. Contact us for more information on our magnetic water softener that can achieve benefits and characteristics of soft water cost-effectively.

Our magnetic water softener is a natural water conditioner that will increase your systems’ efficiency and reduce operating costs. It also acts as a water descaler because it removes accumulation in evaporative condensers, and pipes and spray nozzles no longer clog up. You can even use it for easy maintenance of your Bradley sink.

Its effectiveness and economic benefits make it the first choice of local governments and North American industries of all types. In addition, its chemical-free properties render it environmentally friendly and guarantee safe use.

Where can you use the AquaMagna clamp-on water magnetic water softener?

• Boilers
• Cooling towers
• Heat exchangers
• Spray equipment
• Domestic water lines

How does our portable water conditioner work?

• Prevents and removes scale build-up
• Reduces surface tension
• Increases water flow and pressure
• Protects valuable equipment
• Saves energy with scale-free heat transfer
• Easy clamp-on feature requires no plumbing or cutting of pipes
• Uses no electricity or maintenance to operate
• Never needs replacement as there are no moving parts to wear out

What are the cost benefits of magnetic water treatment with AquaMagna?

• Most systems pay for themselves in the very first year
• Saves cost by reducing or eliminating need for chemicals
• Lowers energy bills because it reduces fuel/power consumption by eliminating  lime scale build-up at heat exchange points
• Lessens system downtime for maintenance and general plumbing repairs
• Offer protection that prolongs equipment replacement costs
• Eliminates maintenance expenses

AquaMagna magnetic water softener is also available for agricultural and residential use. Magnetized drinking water has tremendous health benefits and when used for irrigation, it has a positive effect on plant growth.

Magnetic water softener treatment from AquaMagna saves you money year after year and helps protects the environment. 

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