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Hard Water ~ Magnetic Water Treatment


Magnetic Water Treatment is Environmentally Friendly

Hard Water

The term hard water refers to a high mineral content. While it’s not an actual health risk, this particular type of water can be problematic. This is especially true for those individuals using well water.

Unlike traditional methods of treatment,
AquaMagna's Magnetic Water Treatment system relies on the basic principles of physics, rather than salt or other harmful chemicals to soften your water supply.

Our environmentally friendly water magnets change the way hard water contaminates like calcium crystallize—or form lime scale. A short time after installation, calcium deposits become softer and are easier to clean from fixtures, sinks and kettles.

Pipes can become completely scale-free over time

Lime Scale

Magnetically conditioned water also feels fresher and cleaner. As calcium particulates remain suspended in the water while it flows through your pipes, they don’t stick to your dishes, hair or skin.

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