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Hard Water Treatment


Your Canadian-owned means hard water treatment

There are a large amount of Canadians who are in need of hard water treatment, and although hard water is completely drinkable, it has many detrimental qualities affecting homes and industries across Canada.

While it is important to acknowledge our fortune - Canada owns 20 percent of the world’s total freshwater resources (Water and Canada, Government of Canada Report, 2003) - people across Canada still have the right to attain the best quality of water possible. To many, this means resolving their hard water problems and the effects that come with it, including:

    * Pipe corrosion
    * Water pressure decrease
    * Clogged fixtures and drains
    * Briny build-up on dishes, clothing, appliances, water tanks, shower tiles and water fixtures (and the
       costs associated with these)
    * Cost of maintenance
    * Increased energy bills
    * Dry skin and hair
    * Low lather when using soaps
    * Odorous water

Our hard water treatment magnet

AquaMagna has partnered with Magna-Tek Systems, our water magnet manufacturer, to supply businesses and homes across North America with a cost-effective solution to hard water.  Requiring no energy, salt or chemicals to function, and manufactured with a clamp-on feature, this portable low-cost magnet will serve you well, no matter where you go.

Our water magnet goes above and beyond average hard water treatment as it ensures that your water is natural, healthy, and not costing you more than it should.

Who can benefit?

Homes and businesses, both, can benefit from our portable magnets.  Currently, we’re serving a variety of industries across North America including:

    * Automotive
    * Aerospace
    * Packaging
    * Refineries
    * Food
    * Hospitals
    * Educational institutions
    * Local governments
    * Agriculture
    * Residential drinking water

Feel free to contact us for any pending questions you may have on our magnetic hard water treatment method.

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