AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

Hard Water Softener


Tired of the strain hard water is putting on your daily tasks?  Looking for a permanent improvement on the state of your water? A magnetic hard water softener is the solution you've been searching for.

Identifying hard water

To begin, let’s identify the difficulties you've been facing as a result of hard water.

    * Drain clogging
    * Decreased water pressure or clogged fixtures
    * Difficulty getting soap to lather
    * Scale build-up on dishes, appliances, hot water tank, shower tiles, clean laundry and more...

Does this sound right? If so, you can feel confident that AquaMagna's magnetic hard water softener is the most appropriate solution for you.

Transferring from a salt water softener to a salt free hard water softener

You may already have tried the traditional hard water softener road, and found it to be too costly or too much work.

You can look forward to the following advantages with a magnetic hard water softener:

    * Easier Installation
    * No maintenance required
    * Lower operating costs (no energy or salt needed)
    * Water feels fresher and tastes cleaner
    * Environmentally safer (no salt water added to water sources)
    * High quality scale-reduction occurs while removal of pre-existing build-up, from before the installation
        takes place.

Please take note of the following health benefits as well:

    * No extra sodium ingested in water
    * Skin and hair feels healthier and cleaner
    * No natural and beneficial minerals, such as calcium, are removed from your water in order to see
       satisfying results

You don’t have to tolerate hard water and you don’t have to take health and financial risks in order to change the state of your water.


The home is not the only environment AquaMagna's hard water softeners have been improving. Throughout North America, we are currently serving over 10 major industries, including automotive and packaging.

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