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Forever Healthy WaterWayne Gendel & Dianne Knight

would like to propose an eye-opening, short & complimentary lecture on Living Water Purification Systems

in association with Permacharts and the Helping Hands Program.

Wayne Gendel
is a Longevity Coach and Developer of the
Forever Healthy Complete Life Extension Program

Dianne Knight
is a 'New Life Patters' Wellness Coach and
Co-Developer of the
Forever Healthy Water
web site.

We clear up the debate of which  Living Water Purification System is the best on the market, with well researched facts. 

Also, we include a 4 page, laminated, Raw Vegan Food Combining Permachartwritten by Kelly Serbonich, a B.S. in Culinary Nutrition and M.S. in Holistic Nutrition and the Executive Chef of the Hippocrates Health Institute, free for each attendee, The information contained in this chart is approved by the Hippocrates Health Institute and its director, Brian Clement.

Wayne is a Hippocrates Health Educator, having studied at the world famous Hippocrates Health Institute, which was rated the world’s #1 medical health spa in 2005. 

Dianne is a Human Being who Cares to Save the Planet & All Life. She founded Dianne Knight Communications and Dianne Knight Consulting in 1984 with this Code of Ethics.

Forever Healthy Water is the official supplier for the world famous Hippocrates Health Institute  Living Water Purification System, private labelled as the ‘Life Give Water System’. 

A nonprofit health institute based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Hippocrates has been the preeminent leader in the field of complementary health care and education for over 60 years. 


The Leader in the Field of Natural & Alternative Health Care

The Helping Hands Program is a synergistic way for businesses, health and wellness experts and raw vegan enthusiasts to work together to raise awareness of the many benefits of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

The Raw/Living Foods series was created in collaboration with Dr. Brian Clement and the world famous 
Hippocrates Health Institute, leaders and founders of the Raw/Living Foods movement.

The Permachart contains the Helping Hands Program that promotes premium holistic businesses with introductory discounts including Forever Healthy Water's offer: 

1.  The "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water Purification System: 
An unique 16 stage water purification system that is 99%+ 'purified' from all impurities and then re-energized with natural beneficial properties for increased bio-availability and hydration. It combines the best features of water systems by:

 •  Filtration: Triple Purified by Reverse Osmosis & Double Deionization
 •  Sterilization
 •  pH Balanced
 •  Far Infrared
 •  84 Earth Mineral Energies
 •  Magnetics
 •  Restructuring and Reprogramming

2.  The AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler: Serving the whole house with a much lower cost, eco-friendly alternative to environmentally damaging water softeners 

3.  Whole House Water Filtration Systems

4.  Shower Filters

 Living Water Purification Systems informational Permachart is being written by renowned water experts and will be soon forthcoming.

FUNdraising with the "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System 

'Refer A Friend' with our 1, 2, 3 Customer Appreciation Days!

When your friend, client or class attendee purchases  a "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System from us you receive an Adjusted Referral Fee of $50 for each purchase.

FUNdraising with Forever Healthy Lectures

For each additional Forever Healthy Lecture, you may choose to offer for purchase other Permacharts from the Raw Vegan series of 12 set.

Forever Healthy Lectures:

  • SuperFoods & Supplements
  • Life Extension /Anti Ageing Program 
  • Women’s Goddess Health Program
  • Forever Weight Loss Program 
  • The Healthy Kitchen – Level 1
  • Natural Skin Care 
  • Healthy Pet 
  • Forever Lovers Program
  • Cooking In The Raw 1
  • Cooking In The Raw 2
  • Cooking In The Raw 3
  • Juicing For Super Health
  • Forever Fitt©
  • Detoxification Program
  • Electromagnetic Fields Awareness
  • Tropical Fruit
  • Each Permachart in the Series summarizes an important aspect of the raw vegan lifestyle and is designed to allow readers to learn, reference or review in 5-10 minutes or less. 

    Wayne has coached over 1,000 people to better health and wellness, lectured to thousands more, has hundreds of testimonials and has written hundreds of related health and wellness articles. Since 1995, Forever Healthy has provided specialized premium Longevity & The Raw Living Food Lifestyle products to the U.S.A. & Canada to health and wellness professionals, N.D.'s, Nutritionists, both wholesale & retail. 

    Forever Healthy supplies:

     • Organic Living/Raw Foods & whole food supplements
     • Equipment, including food processors, juicers and more.

    Please join us with our over 2,400 Facebook fans where Wayne shares his expertise on 
    The Living/Raw Foods Lifestyle.

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    Please contact us to book your complimentary  Living Water Purification System lecture, and following offerings by Wayne and Dianne.


    Wayne Gendel & Dianne Knight, B.A.

    "The Finest Energized Water Purification Systems Since 1995"

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