Energized Water

1. Magnetized Water

2. Far Infrared Technology &

3. Enhanced Flow Properties

Energized Water

Our "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water has powerful Magnets that remove the negative memory of toxins and restructures the molecule to 8 clusters for better absorption vs. regular water which has 16 clusters. 

1. Magnetized Water

1.1. Magnetized Water Benefits:
1.1.1. Overall Benefits of Drinking Magnetized Water
1.1.2. Digestive, Nervous and Genitourinary Systems
1.1.3. Cardiovascular System
1.1.4. Respiratory System
1.1.5. Sore Eyes, Wounds, Eczema Spots...
1.1.6. Eyesight
1.2. Magnetized Water in Sprouting and Agriculture

1.3. Magnetized Water for Pets and Animal Husbandry

Magnetized Water
Jiri Jerabek (Author), William Pawluk (Author)



1.1. Magnetized Water Benefits
1.1.1. Overall Benefits of Drinking Magnetized Water

  • Magnetized Water reduces your internal acidity and helps to regulate your body’s pH level.
  • Magnetized Water increases the oxygen which boosts your energy levels.
  • Magnetized Water promotes your body's healing of wounds, burns, open sores and infections.
  • Magnetized Water acts as an anti-viral due to more oxygen and negative good ions.
  • Magnetized Water may reduce your digestive system concerns.
  • Magnetized Water may also be beneficial for fevers, sore throat, menstrual and menopause discomfort.
  • Magnetized Water has been reported by others to have helped them clear their clogged arteries, normalize their circulatory systems and regulate their heart functions.
  • Magnetized Water has been beneficial for some increasing their kidney functioning.
  • Magnetized Water has helped others self-heal their gout, obesity and premature ageing.
  • Magnetized Water may help relieve pain.
  • Magnetized Water infuses energy into the body, helps your body control bacteria and stimulates your brain functioning.

Digestive System 

1.1.2. Digestive, Nervous and Genitourinary Systems:

Experience has shown that Magnetized Water may contribute to your overall Wellness and help you self-heal in almost all situations.

It is especially beneficial for your Digestive, Nervous and Genitourinary (genitourinary = genital + urinary) Systems.

Magnetized Water reduces excess of acidity and bile in the digestive system and regulates the movement of the bowels expelling all accumulations of poisonous matter. A normal healthy person may use Magnetized Water to prevent Digestive System concerns.

Please Note: One can have a mild diarrhea in the first week, if one drinks more than 4 cups daily, which shows the mild cleansing reactions to Magnetized Water. After one week one can drink up to 2 liters daily for optimum results.

1.1.3. Cardiovascular System:

Magnetized Water can also be very beneficial in creating a healthy nervous system and promoting your Cardiovascular System homeostasis, maintaining a stable, constant condition.

It gives a soothing and slightly sedative effect to your body; helps in maintaining clear arteries and provides sustenance and strength. 

Circulatory System

Red indicates oxygenated blood,
blue indicates deoxygenated. 

1.1.4. Respiratory System:

It is can be very helpful for those who wish to self-heal their Respiratory System naturally, having had asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs and all types of fevers.

Respiratory System

1.1.5. Sore Eyes, Wounds, Eczema Spots and so on:

You may wish to also enjoy the benefits of
Magnetized Water externally for washing swollen and sore eyes, wounds, eczema spots and so on.

A Laceration to the Leg 

1.1.6. Eyesight:

For the routine maintenance of normal Eyesight, there is nothing like a daily washing of the eyes with
Magnetized Water.

Vintage Eye Washing Cup

1.2. Magnetized Water in Sprouting and Agriculture

Magnetized Water for healthier, faster- growing sprouts!


Magnetized Water
has a positive effect on all plant growth. Magnetized Water is more solvent and has a lower surface tension, so nutrients in the water are absorbed more readily. It's use on agricultural crops results in higher production and improved quality of the plants with a reduction in the use of fertilizer.

1.3. Magnetized Water for Pets and Animal Husbandry


Your pets will naturally drink
Magnetized Water rather than non-magnetized water. They often heal faster if any wellness concerns are present.

Place two choices of water in front of your pet and watch!

Dish 1:  "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech
Triple Purified, Energized,
Restructured, Living,
Alkaline Water!

Dish 2: Tap or regular filtered water.

100% of the time a horse, cat or dog will choose the Magnetized Water!
Horse cat dog

Animal Husbandry:

Magnetized Water
used for the care of animals may result in reduced mortality and improved health and vitality, increased weight of livestock and reduction of feed quantities.


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2. Far Infrared Technology
3. Enhanced Flow Properties:
        Mimicking how water circulates in Nature, weaving in and out of rocks in a stream, in a S-pattern, always moving
For Far Infrared Technology and Enhanced Flow Properties details please visit:


Natural Flow Surface Tension Lowered

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