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AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler

If you are struggling with lime scale build-up on your dishes and fixtures, low water pressure, or the inability to lather soap to wash your hair, you understand the necessity of having the ability to descale water.

What is scale or Water Descaling?

Minerals such as calcium, although valued in the human body, are very disruptive when they are within your water system.

This off-white chalky substance known as scale leaves bad-smelling build-up in pipes, on kitchenware, on bathtubs and on laundry. In agriculture, it can decrease water pressure and the minerals that form scale can dry out crops and plants, reducing the amount of yield.

Scale can be a big problem.

How do I descale water?

Water softeners are the common solution to hard water and scale problems.  To descale water with a water magnet, ions in the molecules must be altered so that the formation of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium, can be avoided.  This occurs as the water flows through the magnetic field produced by the magnet.

Magnetic water treatment systems stand out from the rest for a number of reasons.

   1. They have the ability to remove scale without removing the actual minerals within the water.  Usually a complete removal requires an exchange of salt or chemicals, which can be harmful, if only slightly, to your body as well as the environment. 

   2. They are portable and clamp-on and therefore easy to install.

   3. They require no replacements.

To learn more, visit our Benefits page.

A fast return on investment!

By the one-year mark since purchasing AquaMagna's Magna-Tek magnetic water descaler, your magnet will have already paid for itself. When you consider the money saved on kitchen and bathroom cleaners, new fixtures, appliances and tiles, maintenance and energy, this is not so hard to believe.

If you have questions regarding pricing, or if you want to purchase our water magnet, please contact us now. 

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