Dennis Higgins and Water Quality

Uploaded on Feb 20, 2013 

Dennis Higgins explains why he created the first Triple Water Purification System for home application, a system unlike any other on the planet today. This is medical grade purified water. Not only is this chemically clean water; it is energetically clean as well.

Dennis Higgins and Water Quality

Dennis Higgins,
the inventor of the 

"2 Pure H2O"
Vita Tech Water System

investigated water and energy since 1985;
he studied in Germany and he now lives in
Los Angeles, California. 

"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System is hand-built in California, USA, by Dennis Higgins.



Forever Healthy Water
Recorded on Thursday, March 10, 2011
The Power of Water


The slideshow mentioned in the audio recording above is not necessary to enjoy the call and understand
all the benefits of the system.   

Forever Healthy Water does not claim that the "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System can remove impurities not yet discovered,
 as stated on the audio recording by Dennis Higgins.

"The Finest Energized Water Purification Systems Since 1995"

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