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Forever Healthy Water Shower Filter

Forever Healthy Water Shower Filter

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Excellent Review by Elaine T.   

Love the shower filter, this is my second purchase, very happy with it. You definitely feel a difference in your skin!

Verified Buyer on Apr 10, 2018

Great New Experience! Review by Fred H.   

This shower filter is way better than I expected! As soon as I turned it on the black from the charcoal was coming out so I stepped out for 2-3 minutes. When I came back in the bathroom, my shower curtains was blowing as if the wind was blowing, followed by a warm breeze that felt fresh. This NEVER happened with the shower before this filter. Got into the shower and the pressure was very much harder than the pressure with the shower head that came with my apartment and the water is very soft. I didn't feel dry afterwards and come to think of it, did not get ashy. I have only used it twice and not once have I had to put on lotion or felt the need to.

Verified Buyer on Apr 08, 2018

Shower Filter Review by Beth P.   

I absolutely love my Crystal Quest Shower Filter. I have used the Crystal Quest Shower filter for almost 10 years. The filter leaves my hair and skin feeling soft.

Verified Buyer on Mar 28, 2018

My skin is so happy. Review by Patti O'Brien

This is the best ever! I never realized how bad our water was till I showered with this shower filter. WOW what a difference. Everyone should have one.

Verified Buyer on Feb 10, 2018

Clean and strong Review by Stephanie B.   

Fit great and strong pressure! I actually kept my original head and just used the filter. No more chlorine!!

Verified Buyer on Dec 14, 2017

Perfect! Review by Emmy S.   

I am so happy with our purchase of both the bath and shower filter! The water no longer has a chlorine smell and our skin isn't left dry!

Verified Buyer on Dec 07, 2017

This is my second Shower Filter Review by Maria J.   

This is my second Shower Filter I'm buying. We love it!!!

Verified Buyer on Nov 07, 2017

Great product AND Customer Service Review by Dave 

I bought the massage shower head and just loved it but after a couple of uses the swivel piece that connects the head to the filter body cracked and broke in half. I wrote the company and they sent me a new shower head within a week!! Now that's great customer service!!!

Posted on Sep 30, 2017

3 is still a charm Review by Tara R.   

It took 3 attempts to get my order perfect. And now I finally have one that does not leak at all.

Verified Buyer on Aug 03, 2017

Definitely notice softer skin Review by Tracy K.   

Definitely notice softer skin & hair. I do not have to use conditioner anymore!

Verified Buyer on Aug 03, 2017

Godsend for my skin Review by Drake D.   

A friend recommend this filter for me since I have dry skin and live at altitude. It has helped keep me looking youthful. At one point when I took the filter off, showered and directly after turning the water off my skin began to dry out, turn chalky and cause irritability. At that point I realized just how much Crystal Quest was helping my skin and I ordered a new filter immediately! Thank you Crystal Quest.

Verified Buyer on Aug 02, 2017

Five Stars Review by Marie Waterman   

Great! Nice clean water coming out!

Verified Buyer on Aug 03, 2016

Best option for baths Review by Saul Goodman   

Not sure if it really filters but sure makes us feel better about baths, I think it smells a little less like chlorine. This is our third one.

Verified Buyer on May 04, 2016

It Works! I don't smell chlorine in my shower Review by G. Rowe   

It works! I don't smell chlorine in my shower any more. Another reduction in toxins poisoning my body.

Verified Buyer on Mar 12, 2016

Four Stars Review by Christopher Craven   

Seems to work well.

Verified Buyer on Jan 19, 2016


I researched for months because I live in the desert and we received notice that our water was not meeting the criteria for chromium or arsenic. I was getting rashes before I found out about our water, thinking it was part of my rheumatoid (and yes I know, it too causes it). Long story short, after months because I became obsessed and needed something that would at least "help" with the fine bumps and rashes, super dry skin, itchy syndrome...I am very pleased! Water beads up on me, the water pressure is Awesome! It is plastic! and I wish it was heavier but I am being careful and If it breaks,,., I can replace the head it is the filter that I am appreciating! I made sure my daughter and son order one.

Verified Buyer on Dec 26, 2015

Crystal Quest for a great shower Review by Pomage   

Got it for my daughter and she loves it.

Verified Buyer on Aug 28, 2015

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