AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler ~ A 'No-Salt', Natural, Green Alternative to Conventional Water Softeners

Chemical Free Water Conditioner


Chemical Free Water Conditioner

Struggling with low water pressure, clogged drains, chalky stains on fixture and shower tiles and crusty-feeling laundry?

We’ve got good news for you! By investing in a chemical free water conditioner, you can enjoy natural conditioned water without the use of salt or chemicals.

The ins and outs of AquaMagna's chemical free water conditioner

Our limescale inhibitor has the ability to magnetically polarize the ions in your water that, when bonded, form the minerals that leave hard, chalky residue in your pipes and on your appliances, fixtures and clothing.

With a chemical free water conditioner, your hard water problems are treated without the use of environmentally damaging chemicals. Your water tastes, feels and smells fresher while you aren’t spending the time and money on chemical maintenance.

Compact and portable, you’ll find installation to be a breeze.  Plus, our magnets are maintenance-free and good for life.  Many of our clients find that within the first year of installing the magnets, they have already paid for themselves in the costs they saved.

How do I know I can rely on the water magnet?

Firstly, the study and application of magnetohydrodynamics, water flowing past a conductor and creating an electrical charge, is a proven science and has been around for centuries.  This is the science which our product is based off of.

Secondly, home owners and business all across North America are benefiting from
AquaMagna's product.  In fact, there are over 15 Cities in Ontario who have installed the AquaMagna descalers. These include:

   1. City of Aurora
   2. City of Barrie
   3. City of Brampton
   4. City of Brantford
   5. City of Burlington
   6. City of Columbus  (Ohio)
   7. City of Georgetown
   8. City of Grimsby
   9. City of Ingersoll
  10. City of Mississauga
  11. City of Oakville
  12. City of Oshawa
  13. City of Paris
  14. City of Tilbury
  15. City of Whitby

If you are looking for a reliable, chemical free water conditioner and softener,
AquaMagna's Magna-Tek water treatment system is for you.

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