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Best Water Conditioner

Why AquaMagna's water magnet is the best water conditioner alternataive out there

Being chemical and salt free, water magnets have the ability to produce water with a fresh feel, taste and smell while still reducing the amount of mineral build-up in problem areas such as pipes, faucets and shower tiles.

As a result, you can positive expect results such as increased water pressure, cleaner fixtures, cleaner appliances and cleaner laundry.

Magnetic water descalers make your life easier for a low cost, with no maintenance required and with no negative health or environmental impacts, earning them their name as the best water conditioner alternative out there.

How the best water conditioner alternative functions

By installing two portable, clamp-on magnets (one for hot water and one for cold), you can restore the natural energy of your water.

When water flows through the magnetic field of a magnet, the bonding of the would-be minerals is disrupted and they lose their form before they exit a water fixture.  For a simple diagram on how this works, feel free to visit our How Hard Water Magnets Work page.

A Review of the advantages of water magnets

Benefits of this alternative include:

    * Portability (clamp-on feature)

    * No maintenance or replacement costs (less system downtime)

    * Sodium-free and chemical free (healthy and environmentally friendly)

    * Increased system efficiency (removal of pre-existing scale while current build-up is reducing)

    * Lower operating costs (no energy, chemicals or salt needed)

    * See our Benefits page for more reasons why this is your best water conditioner option. 

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