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AquaMagna Testimonials

AquaMagna Testimonials

 April 17,  2015 

We went with Wayne's recommendation to get the AquaMagna descaler instead of a water softener.

Wayne explained that the cost of the magnetic descaler was less than half the cost of a water softener and there is no cost to install the magnets.

As well there is no monthly costs for the salts and that the magnets were eco-friendly.  So we installed them which took about 5 minutes. Previously,  we would see and have to clean the scale build-up every 2 weeks. 

Now after 4 weeks we still have no scale build-up! We are so excited and pleasantly surprised at the results.

Thank you so much,  
~ Cindy W.

May 6, 2013

Hi Wayne:,

The magnets seem to be doing a great job as evidenced by the amount of soap I need to use.

I notice that when I boil now, there is some Ca residue which is left in the pot, but removes easier than previously without the AquaMagna whole house magnets.

~ Annette Langer 

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