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AquaMagna ~ Questions and Answers

AquaMagna ~ Questions and Answers
AquaMagna Question

Q.  Are all magnets created equal or are there several different types of magnets on the market being sold for this purpose?

If various choices are available, are some better performing than others?

Also, can you give me some indication as to actually how much “softer” my water either will actually be or will “seem” to be?  

If the function of the magnets is to make the water at least “seem” softer, can that be measured with a water softness/hardness kit?

If it can be measured, how many grains of “hardness” can I expect my water will be reduced to?

If it cannot be measured with a kit, is there some other way I can determine how well they are performing the job I expect from them? 

AquaMagna Answer
AquaMagna magnet

A.  There are many types of magnets and magnetic devices for water treatment on the market.  It is logical that the stronger the magnetic field, the more effect there will be.  There are some magnetic devices on the market that are just not powerful enough to have any effect on the water. You will notice how powerful the AquaMagna magnets are when you receive them, and try to pull them apart; it is not easy to do. These are industrial strength magnets. 

A water hardness test will not measure the effect of the magnetic water conditioner because the change is a physical change and not a chemical change.  The texture of the scale (or mineral deposits) will be altered with proper magnetic treatment so that the minerals will not adhere to each other and build up in pipes and plumbing systems.

Most users of the  AquaMagna Magnetic Descaler water treatment will notice a change in the feel of their water because the surface tension is reduced, and as a result the water will feel slightly softer. This can be visibly noticed by the lesser amount of soap and shampoo required.

More importantly, any mineral deposits left behind after the water evaporates that may accumulate on heat exchange surfaces such as kettles, hot water tanks, dishwashers, etc., can be more easily be wiped away because the texture of the crystal is smaller and softer. 

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