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Q. Is there any information on how magnets affect seeds and plants and seeds? 

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AquaMagna magnet

A.  Our research shows that the powerful AquaMagna 
magnets would be beneficial to your sprouts, house and garden plants.

AquaMagna Question

Q. Does is work in an apartment?

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A.  It depends if one can access the incoming pipe for the whole apartment. You can usually put it in for the kitchen sink.

Note: For optimal results for personal drinking water and your plants, we recommend  the "2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech Water System for watering your house plants, garden, sprouts and microgreens. 

"2 Pure H2O" Vita Tech System

The Under-the-Counter Water Purifier

Sowing Seeds in a Magnetic Field

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Sowing Seeds in a Magnetic Field

Magnetic Treatment of Seeds
The Effect of Magnets on Plant Growth, By Aimee D. O'Grady, MA

"Select seed distributors magnetically treat seeds prior to sale. This magnetic treatment increases seed germination rates. Using magnets on seeds speeds up protein formation, which encourages root growth in all seeds, including those that are weak. Magnetic treatment also increases the quality of vegetables, fruits and cereals and can yield an increase of approximately 20 percent in a harvest."

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Indianetzone: Effects of Magnetism on Seeds and Plants

Free Science Fair Projects: Do Magnets Affect Radish Plant Growth?

Mundimex, Inc.: Magnetism in Agriculture

Omni Enviro: Crop Results

Dirt Doctor: Paragmagnetism Effects on Plant Growth


 ISSN Print: 2151-7517, ISSN Online: 2151-7525

 © 2010, ScienceHuβ,

Irrigation with magnetized water enhances growth, chemical constituent and yield of chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.). 1

Mahmoud Hozayn1* and Amira Mohamed Saeed Abdul Qados2


 Agronomy Dept., Agric. and Biol. Div., National Research Centre, El-Bohoth St., 12622 

Dokki, Cairo, Egypt. 


Botany Dept., Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University, P.O Box 2508 Safaqes St . 

Granada eq. Riyadh 13242 – 07229 KSA 

1* Corresponding author Tel: +2 02 012 6662524, email: 


Magnetic fields are known to induce biochemical changes and could be used as a stimulator for growth related reactions. Two pot experiments were conducted during 2008/09 and 2009/2010 seasons at green hose of National Research Centre, Egypt to study the impact of magnetized water on growth, some chemical constituents (chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b, carotenoids, total pigment, total indole, total phenol contents and protein profile of plant) and productivity of chickpea plants. Chickpea seeds were irrigated with water passed through magnetic device (U050 mg, 0.5 inch, output 4-6 m3

/hr, production by Magnetic Technologies L.C.C., Russia, branch United Arab Emirates). Results indicated that, irrigation with magnetized water induced 

positive significant effect on all studied parameters. The percent of increase in seed, straw and biological yields per plant were 39.64, 41.03 and 39.85%, respectively compared with tap water (average over both seasons). Magnetic water treatment could be used to enhance growth, chemical constituents and productivity of chickpea under green house condition.

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